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Keeping Track of Revenue

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Keeping Track of Revenue

Storing Your Dental Practice's Records

by Avery Jenkins

Managing a dental practice can be a demanding profession. In addition to scheduling and meeting the needs of the clinic's patients, there are also critical logistical responsibilities that will have to be met. Managing the document storage needs of these firms can be especially critical.

Recognize The Amount Of Data That You Will Need To Store

A common mistake that dental clinic managers may make is failing to appreciate the volume of the data that they will have to store. This includes billing and insurance information for the patients, along with their actual medical records. Attempting to manage this volume of information without any software solutions can be a tedious responsibility. When using a modern software solution for dental document management, your workers will be able to easily search for patient records and make any necessary changes to them.

Ensure Your Storage Systems Protects Patient Privacy

Whenever you are in the process of evaluating document management and storage solutions, it is important to make sure that you are only considering options that are suitable for use with patient records. There are strict regulations concerning the storage of this information. Luckily, there are dental document management services that are designed with these requirements in mind. As a result, they will be capable of providing your staff with easy access to this information when they are needing it while still meeting the security requirements that will need to be followed. You may also want to compare the licensing terms for these software solutions as they will often be based on the number of employees that need access to them.

Utilize Off-Site Storage For Physical Records

Digitizing the majority of your practice's records can improve performance and productivity. However, there are some paper documents that your practice will need to store. If your dental practice has a small office, you may not have the storage space that is needed on-site. Using an off-site storage solution can provide you with a safe location for storing the physical documents that your practice is producing.

These facilities will be superior to using self-storage or other routinely used facilities as they will provide sophisticated climate control capabilities to prevent these physical documents from degrading further. Any files placed into this storage facility should be dated. This will allow you to comply with minimum storage lengths for your patient records as you will be able to easily calculate how long the records have been stored when they have been dated.

Contact a dental document management service, such as Dynamic Medical Billing, to learn more.